Wool Hand Operated Machine for Heavy Duty Large Wool/String/Fiber Ball Winder


>Product Dimensions ‏: ‎13 x 24 x 20 cm; 1.200 Grams
>Country of Origin ‏: ‎India
>Net Quantity ‏: ‎1.00 count
>Generic Name ‏: ‎Wool Winder Machine



Securely attach your ball winder to the edge of a counter or table.

Square edges are best. To avoid damage to your counter/table, you may want to place a piece of cloth between the Wool/Yarn winder and the counter.


Find the end of your Wool/yarn.

If you’re using a Wool swift, you can clamp the ball winder to a table top or counter edge a few feet across from the swift. Once the hank of Wool is on the swift, pull out an end of the yarn and feed it through the metal guide of the ball winder and put it into the indention across the top of the spool center of the ball winder. This will hold the end of the yarn out from the inside of the ball, so you can later pull from the center.


Now, start turning the handle of the Wool winder. You will notice that the Wool swift will start to turn and the Wool/Yarn will start winding around spool on the Wool winder. Don’t turn the handle too quickly and try to keep a steady pace to avoid yarn tangles. Stop winding the Wool if a tangle develops and untangle any knots before proceeding.


Now after completion, Pull the end in the center of the yarn ball out of the spool and only then remove the ball of yarn from the spool with both hands. If you don’t pull this end out before removing the ball from the spool, it could get lost inside the ball.


Additional information

Weight 1.200 kg


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