Toykraft :Wind Chime Making Kit Tinkles (39435)


Brand >Pidilite
Item Dimensions LxWxH >20 x 20 x 8 Centimeters
Item Weight >650 Gram

Contents>Terracotta bell (big): 1,Terracotta bells (small): 2,Terracotta beads: 3,Crystal beads: 2,Tempera paints: 6 colours,Acrylic paint(flesh tint): 1,Clappers: 4,Cord: 1,Nylon thread: 1,Paint brush: 1,Instruction manual .


When these terracotta wind chimes sway………… Tinkling sounds can be heard faraway

Wind chimes are assemblies of musical elements which catch the wind to create pleasing tinkling sounds. Terracotta Tinkles kit enables you to make a wind chime using combinations of terracotta bells and beads along with chimes. Create your own personalized wind chime by painting designs based on geometric, floral, celestial, Feng Shui or any other popular theme on the terracotta components.

Painting the terra cotta

1.First paint all the terra cotta bells and beads with the acrylic flesh colour using the brush provided in the kit. This serves as a protective impermeable layer before applying the tempera paints.

2.After the coat of flesh tint has dried paint the terra cotta items. First decide on the design theme- geometric, floral, celestial, Feng Shui or any other. You can refer to the design shown on the box packaging as leads.

3.Draw a rough outline of your design motif or start painting directly if you are confident and proficient.

4.For better results apply more than one layer, but wait for it to dry before the next application.

5.Use lighter colour paints initially before applying darker shades.


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