Toykraft: Shellbound 2(39458)


IDEAL GIFT – This Toykraft art & craft seashells activity will really take you by surprise on the final outcome. An ideal gift for children who love to spend their time creatively. Children can gift the completed articles.

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Transform simple boxes in hobby times… ….With seashells stuck in mosaic designs

Shells are not just pretty baubles on the beach but lovely natural objects, unmatched in beauty. Indeed, their uniqueness of form is what motivates amateur shell collectors to make many long explorations on sea-shores. The most amazing part about shells is their diversity- in shape, size, colour and texture.

How to making gift-boxes out of shells.

Shellbound-2 is an amazing kit using sea-shells. It offers a ready-made platform for many an avid hobbyist to make sensational gift-boxes out of shells. And assortment of shells has been specially selected along with three hexagonal-shaped boxes for this kit.


Hexagonal shaped boxes :3

Adhesive : 1

Shells ( assorted ): 6 varieties

Instruction manual

Personalized design gift boxes

This shape is uncommon and once completed these boxes really make a unique gift statement. The shells are stuck on the box surfaces – top and sides using adhesive provided in the kit. All of us like to keep our little collections and treasures in boxes. Besides these, one is always looking for personalized and attractive gift boxes which are appreciated by many a lucky recipient.

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