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Quilling examples will take you to the next level…… These creations are so very special

Paper Quilling is making a big comeback as a popular craft activity – both with professional crafters and also children. A few dedicated quillers continue to share their skills and now a new wave of quillers is bringing a fresh upsurge to what is often thought of as a dated craft. Quilling has been given a fresh breath of new life from the old standard.

Embellishment quilling

Quilling is still an excellent way to adorn scrapbooks, wedding and party invitations, greeting cards, gift tags, picture frames, and much more. These types of projects are being enjoyed by quillers more so now with the availability of more colour options and modern quilling tools. Nowadays artists are combining classic techniques, 3-D quilling, and a sense of artistry to take this to a totally new level.

Whatever be the skill level, wherever your interest lies, quilling has a little something for everyone. These bright and modern paper quilling ideas will spark a new interest for young ones who have yet to give the craft a try and ignite a spark of creativity anew for those who have.


Twin photo-frame: 1, Mount board cut-outs (oval): 2, Mount board cut-out (foldable) : 1, Plain cards: 2, Creased paper for envelopes: 2

Pre-scored card cut-outs: 2, Colour paper: 4, Corrugated board: 6, Gemstones: 1 packet, Craft card: 2, Ribbon: 1, Paper quilling tool: 1, Paper quilling strips 3mm: 350, Paper quilling strips 7mm: 10, Adhesive: 1, Instruction for quilling: 1, Manual

In this kit

The basic techniques of quilling are described in the manual provided in the kit. Specific instructions for making some really awesome paper quilled utilities which include, Greeting Cards and Envelopes, a double picture frame an oval gift box, a gift bag, and a mini desktop photo-frame. Before you begin with the designs, check out the popular quilled motifs that you can make such as flowers, butterflies, leaves, valentines, etc. You will need paper strips of 3mm width, a quilling needle tool, drawing pins, and adhesive for making the quilled shapes and motifs.

Paper quilling designs make the object stand out

Greeting cards

Two cards are provided along with envelope cut-outs. You can use the strips for the motifs and designs on the cards and the envelopes. The envelopes are to made from pre-cut and pre-scored colour card paper which is folded on three sides and craft glue applied on the overlapping areas.

Double photo frame

In the oval twin-photo frame provided in the kit, one can insert two photographs or pictures cut into oval shapes. The paper quilled designs can be created on diagonally opposite sides of the oval cut-outs on both frames. Once complete the embellished photo frame looks really amazing.

Oval gift box

In this kit 2 oval mount-board, cut-outs are also provided. The slightly smaller one is used for the box base and the other for the lid. Also provided are corrugated board strips in two sizes – the larger one is used for the box wall and the smaller one for the lid wall. Make a quilled design for the presentation box on the lid top. You can make a design as shown on the box cover which shows a floral bunch of 4 fringe flowers with two 6 petal flowers surrounded by leaves.

Quilled gift sachet

A quilled design on a gift bag adds to the value of the gift. It really makes the presentation stand out.

Check out the box cover for ideation. Flowers and leaves are entwined within coil scrolls. The scrolls are made from twin strips – light green and deep green.

Desk-top Mini photo frame

This is a cute little photo-frame made by folding the mount-board piece to form a hollow triangular prism with a cut-out on one face for a small photo. The paper quilling design is done on this side of the frame so the photo gets an embellishment.

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