Toykraft: Mould & Paint Cup Cakes(39566)


Contains: 12 moulds, plaster-of-paris, blunt knife, colours, adhesive, brush, glue & instruction manual

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Are these real – trick or treat? ………..Cup cakes made from PoP are not to eat

Mould & paint 6 Cup Cakes made from Plaster of Paris and display these yummy creations. They look so real – many will mistake them for real, ready to be eaten.

This hobby kit is simply a delightful delicacy for the child and for the whole family. It provides moulding and crafting activity followed by painting.

You can create as many as 6 Cup Cakes from the moulds using Plaster of Paris! Select an exciting colour palette for each cake. You can use the box cover as leads but you can also select your very own colour combinations.

Contents and instructions

Moulds: 12, Tempera paints: 6 colours, Plaster of Paris: 2 packets, Blunt-edged knife: 1, Adhesive: 1, Paintbrush: 1, Instruction manual


1. In about 100 ml of water add the plaster of Paris and mix it well to form a thick slurry.

2. It should a uniform paste and not lumpy.

3. Pour the mixture into the 12 cavities of the cupcakes moulds and gently shake the mixture inside the mould to get rid of any air bubbles.

4. Let the slurry set in the moulds.

5. Once the plaster has fully hardened, gently remove the hardened Plaster of Paris castings from the moulds. For best results leave it overnight before taking out the casting from the mould.


1.The 12 moulds correspond to 6 Cup Cake bases (common shapes) and 6 Cup Cake tops (all assorted shapes).

2.Using the blunt penknife scrape away the excess plaster of Paris from the top of the bases so that the surface is level. Do the same for the bottom of the CupCake tops.

3.Use the adhesive glue provided in the kit to stick the CupCake tops to the bottoms.

4.Keep aside to let the adhesive dry. Now you have an assortment of 6 assorted – ready to be painted Cup Cakes.


Paint the CupCakes with appropriate bright colours using the paints and brush provided. The box cover can serve as useful leads. Intensify the colour by applying a second coat of paint only when the first layer has dried. After painting, the CupCakes look so very real and yummy!! In fact, the ones made from this kit match the size of the smaller CupCakes sold in the confectionery. You can even play a prank on your friends and relatives by offering these goodies to them.

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