Toykraft – Denim Draw String Bags (39769)


Brand >ToyKraft

Item Dimensions LxWxH>26 x 5 x 26 Centimeters Centimeters



DIY activity with Denim is quite a trend……….. You can use other art material on it to blend

Fabric crafts are the most popular ideas among arts and crafts enthusiasts They results in beautiful and functional items like backpacks, aprons and purses, sling-bags and totes, and pencil/spectacle cases.

Denim is a very popular medium to work with as it has fascinating texture and universal appeal. It is a good idea to use it in DIY activity to create useful items and gifts. The uniqueness of the fabric gives it a modern and ‘IN’ look. This is a very good project which you do with a younger audience as well.

All you need is some fabric glue, fabric paint, artificial jewels or lace. Be creative – you can draw with fabric paint or high-lighters. The contents provided in the kit will enable one to make two denim draw-string bags (also referred to as ‘Potlis’ in India).

This creation will click very well with teenage girls, young college-goers or working ladies. This utility can be personalized by you to display your personal expression and style. Use one of them yourself and gift the other to someone near and dear.

The Pack Contains :

Denim pieces: 4

Bag templates: 2

White highlighter: 1

Sling cord: 2.5m

Large tear drop gemstones:10

Small tear drop gemstones: 30

Large circular gemstones: 36

Small circular gemstones: 10

Jute for frills: 1 (36 cms X 5 cms )

Fabric glue: 1 tube

Instruction manual

Make unique personalized decor bags for any occasion.

Toykraft art and craft kit contains materials to make 2 denim draw string bags. Instead of sewing you can use fabric glue so that even young girls can make them easily. The kit includes Denim fabric, sling cords, white highlighter tube, artificial gemstones, non-stick fabric glue & cutting templates. The instruction manual included will guide the child to making these bags.

Cut the Jute fabric as per the instruction manual. Carefully stitch bags using the Fabric glue provided. Very simple to make as no stitching is needed!

In the kit are provided artificial gemstones and white highlighter tube. You can use them creatively to make attractive designs on the bag front. The gemstones can be stuck in a floral pattern on the front side and the white highlighter can be used to make patterns and enhance the look. You can also use the combination of highlighter with other craft material cut into floral or geometric designs using your own art form.

Once complete the bags look really outstanding. You can use one and present the other to someone near and dear.

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