Pidilite Fevicryl Neon Acrylic Colour Kit, Neon Paints (4 Shades, 15ml)


  • Vibrant Neon shades
  • Fluorescent under UV light
  • Non-toxic neon colors
  • Permanent & Quick Dry
  • Won’t crack and peel
  • Wash proof after dry
  • Multi-surface application


Fevicryl Neon Color Set

4 neon colours, 15ml each

With 4 dazzling Neon shades including Pink, Green, Orange, and Yellow, these vibrant Fevicryl Neon colours will give your artwork a radiant look. It is a favorite among amateurs and professionals alike, as they have discovered a way of standing out with Fevicryl Neon Colours.

Add your creative zing on any surface- be it plastic, wood, metal, fabric, glass, paper among many more. These paints are wash proof, so you can be assured that your artwork will continue to glow for years to come. Bring out your best workmanship with this ready-to-use product that does not require any medium or solvent. So go on, bring your creativity to light!


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