Japanese Kimono Paper Dolls in Full Colour ()


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>Reading age ‏: ‎8 – 14 years
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Embodying an intricate blend of pattern and color, texture and composition, the Japanese kimono is a stunning garment with origins dating back to the Nara period (645&;794). Its history is rich in tradition, culture, and art.
Drawing her inspiration from the 18th- and 19th-century Japanese woodblock prints by such masters as Utamaro and Hiroshige, designer and fashion historian Ming-ju Sun has created this exotic collection of 26 exquisite costumes with two charming Japanese dolls to model them. The kimonos display a broad range of lovely fabrics&;from simple, practical cottons to luxurious silks and satins&;and a variety of traditional decorative elements&;geometrics, florals, stripes, checks, plaids, animals, landscapes, Japanese characters, and circular crests. All are sensitively illustrated with clean line and lush color in the style of Japanese woodcuts.

This entertaining and educational paper doll collection will be a favorite with children and collectors. As a full-color survey of the Japanese kimono as an art form, the volume will be valued by costume designers, students of the history of fashion, and the many people fascinated by Japanese art and culture.

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