Flower Creation Book (Satin,Velvet,Organdi)


Publisher: ‏‎Mahavir Traders

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Flower making is a beautiful and delicate art craft that involves starching,molding,shaping,pasting and arrangement of flowers.This book Flower Creation-with satin,velvet and organdi’offers the flower makers a complete introduction with focus on simple,elegant projects.The designs are all built upon simple techniques of flower making that when followed gives your artwork a masterpiece look.

Discover your hidden talent and become proficient with flower making tools and its basic techniques shown in this book.Experienced as well as beginners alike will delight in the simple and beautiful projects featured in this exquisite collection of flower making projects.

The book encloses attractive yet easy to make projects. So,when showing your loved ones your gratitude,send a handmade gift box decorated with handmade satin flowers.The recipient will definitely be impressed and delighted.Or Decorate and arrange the handmade flowers for enliving the decor of any room in your home.

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