Faber Castell Graded Drawing Pencil – Pack of 6 (Black) (11 10 06)


  • Set of 6 drawing pencils includes 
  • hb,2b, 4b, 6b, 8b,and 10b graded pencils
  • Can be used for drawing, sketching, hatching, shading, shorthand and computer stationery
  • Phthalate free lacquer on pencil


Graded Drawing Pencils by Faber-Castell – Sketch what you Dream!

The set of 6 graded drawing pencils by Faber-Castell includes HB,2b, 4b,  6b,8b and 10b which are coated with phthalate-free lacquer and can be used for all kinds of sketching, shading, shorthand and drawing. These pencils come in a pre-sharpened form which is ready to use. If you are looking for a perfectly comprehensive set of graded pencils for all your drawing needs, then this set is suitable for you.

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