Anchor Printed Cross Stitch (Baby’s Day Out Art.APC01-00002)


>Package Dimensions:‎ 18x28cm; 040 Grams
>Manufacturer: Madura Coats Pvt. Ltd.
>Finished: 12 cm x 14 cm
>Do It Yourself
>Thread Craft
>Kit Contents: A printed canvas,Step by step instruction guide


1:It is recommended that the required number of skeins for each shade be purchased along with this the pack.
2:It is important to use the correct thickness of thread in the needle to achieve the required effect. Hence use all 6 strands of Anchor   Stranded Cotton for working the design.
>Working Instructions:
1:Commence embroidery by working on the dark shades first and then the light shades.
2:Start each shade by leaving a 1 inch long tail on the reverse of the canvas .Work stitches as indicated in the diagrams.To   finish,weave the thread through the back of the stitches already worked and snip off the extra thread.
3:Make sure all stitches are aligned in the same direction.
4:Work back stitch to give an outline to the design.
5:To finish,press canvas on the wrong side .Frame desired.

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