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    Camel Kokuyo Artist Gesso White 500Ml

    • Number of Paint Shades: 1
    • Quantity: 500 ml
    • Artist Gesso White
    • Container Type: Jar
    • Set of 1
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    Camel Acrylic Gloss Medium (100ml)

    • Camlin Gloss Medium is a slow drying thinning medium.
    • The gloss medium increases gloss, flow and transparency.
    • Trusted Brand of Artist
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    Camel Acrylic Medium , Matt Finish 100ml

    • Acrylic mediums are used to control how the paint moves on the palette, or the consistency of the paint, and can also be used to lengthen the drying time of the acrylic paint.
    • Acrylic mediums can also affect how matte or glossy the acrylic painting is once it completely dries.
    • Other mediums can be used to refract light and color, add texture to acrylic paintings, and to adhere collage items to paintings.
    • The Camel Acrylic Matt Medium is a quick drying thinning medium for acrylic colors which gives a matt finish.
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    Camel Artist Turpentine (for Oil Painting) (100ml)

    • 100 ml Bottle
    • It is a thinner for oil colors
    • Very useful as a cleansing agent for brushes
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    Camel Camli Gel Oil Painting Medium 100ml

    • Camli – Gel, when mixed with oil colour renders a non – chalky fresh effect on the painting by increasing the gloss and transparency of oil colours.
    • It improves weather resistance, accelerates drying and prevents uncontrolled running of colours.
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    Camel Texture White 100ml

    • Quantity:100ml
    • Medium:Painting
    • Body Material:Plastic
    • Country of Manufacture:India
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    Camlin Acrylic Paint Retarder (100ml)

    • Retards drying speed and gives more open time to the artists to work longer
    • A thick gel medium
    • Enables the artists to paint using a wet-in-wet technique
    • Helps the artist to render delicate mixing required for nature studies and portraits