The most preferred store of crafters that provide the best quality service with the best products
established 45 years ago. It was all started by men with strong determinations and perseverance who began
with the trade of Casmilon wool.
In those days, the Mahavir store was the only Dealer of the RAYMOND CASMILON WOOL in Maharashtra.
Hence the store earned name and fame for itself.

The mantra of our success is to assist our customers in terms of the demonstration
of the hobby ideas and kits; and also our stress on great hospitality!

We believe “No one comes in here to browse; they all come with an agenda. Its up to us to hear
them out and help them execute their ideas within their budget.” Because of this mantra,
the store was able to hit the news item in one of the issues of Hindustan Times.

From a physical store to an online website is a journey of hard work and dedication.
Our polite staff and their energetic helpful service attract customers for joyful shopping.
Customers are satisfied with the wide range of products that they get under one roof.

The support and encouragement from our customers always proved helpful for
our improvements and our growth. We are sincerely thankful to all our customers
and their feedback.

We hope you continue your shopping at our website and
enjoy a delightful experience with us.